PrivX is Aleo's premier privacy-enabled order book DEX. Utilizing the innovative Aleo-Clob hybrid approach, PrivX consolidates liquidity pools to ensure all transactions are signed off-chain and transmitted on-chain for seamless execution. As Aleo's on-chain infrastructure is currently under development, PrivX employs an off-chain server for order matching during test-net phases. As Aleo progresses, PrivX will integrate order matching into on-chain smart contracts, fostering a fully decentralized service supporting the entire life cycle of placing, matching, and fulfilling orders.

PrivX mainly ensures: the fluidity of the trading experience, the confidentiality of the transaction process, and the incentive for liquidity. PrivX adopts an off-chain execution of Clob (Central Limit Order Book) to solve the user experience problem. The operation is almost the same as a CEX. By using Aleo's privacy primitives ZEXE privacy architecture, it ensures the anonymity of transaction identities and processes. The final results are verifiable. It subsidizes liquidity providers to jointly improve liquidity and share the trading and circulation pool.

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