Stage 1: Foundational Framework and Spot Trading

  • Comprehensive architectural design

  • Implementation of spot trading capabilities

  • Integration of advanced privacy features

  • Introduction of new token standards

Stage 2: Pre-Alpha Testing Phase

  • Rigorous evaluation of platform performance

  • Identification and resolution of potential issues

  • Preparation for subsequent development stages

Stage 3: Decentralization and Modular Front-End Functions

  • Achievement of full decentralization

  • Development of modular front-end functions for enhanced user experience

Stage 4: Alpha Testing Phase

  • In-depth platform testing with a selected group of users

  • Fine-tuning of platform features based on user feedback

Stage 5: Beta Launch

  • Public access to the platform on a trial basis

  • Further refinement of features and functionalities

Stage 6: User Liquidity Incentive Program

  • Implementation of a robust incentive policy

  • Encouragement of user participation and liquidity provision

Stage 7: Margin Trading and Lending Liquidity Pool

  • Integration of a margin trading module

  • Establishment of a lending liquidity pool for increased market efficiency

Stage 8: Expansion into Derivative Lending Products

  • Development and implementation of additional derivative lending product trading functionalities

(Note: We aim to continuously build innovative and decentralized products that empower users with privacy and control over their digital assets. The roadmap is subject to change as we incorporate new technologies and user feedback. Please stay tuned for updates!)

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